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Best 3D Printer Christmas Gifts for Kids

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The old adage regarding the value of teaching an individual a skill, versus giving them the end product, cannot be overstated in its relevance to the 3D printing world.  A Christmas gift of a 3D printer to a child or young relative, under supervision, represents the ability to not only participate creatively in the existence of their own toys, but also teaches them incredibly valuable design and critical thinking skills that adapt well to other arenas.  Similar to many games of strategy, a 3D printer requires problem solving and optimizing within a pre-determined ruleset, making 3D printers a gaming experience within themselves.  This holiday season, consider one of these awesome 3D printers for kids as a Christmas gift instead of purchasing completed toys that will last only as long as the materials allow.


FlashForge Finder

The FlashForge Finder is an excellent 3D printer for all beginners, especially children.  This printer comes with an intuitive touchscreen for easy interaction, and is built with accessibility in mind.  The build plate, for example, slides out to remove objects, and the frame is built to be sturdy and durable.  Specifically designed for kids, the Flashforge Finder does not use a heated plate, and is therefore much safer than some of the other products on the market.  With strong wireless connectivity, kids can design their own toys and send them directly to the printer for a developmentally productive experience that’s fun and educational.  The Flashforge Finder is definitely one of the best gifts for a child this holiday season.



Da Vinci MiniMaker

Colorful and inviting, this award winning 3D printer functions as a gift for the entire family.  Utilizing non-toxic PLA filament and a non-heated print bed, the Da Vinci MiniMaker is built with children in mind, and offers them a great opportunity to engage with this cutting edge technology on their own terms.  Overall, this printer offers an excellent introductory experience to 3D printing with features such as auto-calibration, fast print speed, and a 1 year limited warranty, and will provide countless hours of family entertainment.


Dikale 07A 3D Pen

The Dikale 3D Pen is a novel twist on the idea of 3D printing.  Instead of a cube, in which additive fabrication occurs, a 3D pen allows the user to create freeform 3D objects in whatever space, or on whatever surfaces, they desire.  Children can use the 3D pen, for example, to give their favorite existing toys upgrades and accessories, or they can use molds to create an entire set of original figurines.  The advantage of the 3D pen, especially for children, is that it allows for exploratory creation, as opposed to the prerequisite modeling of other 3D printers.  With the Dikale 3D pen, a child can choose from a dozen different colors of non-toxic PLA filament and simply start creating, learning and improving in tandem with the process itself.  Additionally, the 3D pen offers a more affordable 3D printing option for gift givers on a budget. 


The applications of 3D printers are almost endless, and the opportunities to utilize these devices only increases with time.  With a 3D printer Christmas gift, kids can make everything from their own cups and spoons to action figures and miniatures, and in doing so will enjoy both the process and the product involved.  The affordability of these devices as well helps make them a great option for presents this holiday season, one that will see use long after the next console release occurs.       


Last Updated on Tuesday, 27 November 2018 23:52
Written by Jacob S.
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