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Elevate your Gaming Experience with a High-end 4K Monitor

 Elevate your Gaming Experience with a High end 4k monitors

In many ways, when it comes to gaming monitors, the future is upon us.  4K ultra high-definition displays are not only available to the average consumer for a price that is, although more expensive than a regular 1080p monitor, still reasonable enough, but also function as a way of further future-proofing your gaming set up.  Processors and GPUs are certainly an effective way to improve performance, but a 4K monitor will accentuate that performance and produce the gaming experience that you always knew your hardware was capable of. 


Larger Displays

1080p resolution monitors were, and continue to be, fantastic for smaller displays.  24” inch computer screens do well with regular high definition, and show few signs of a lack in quality.  However, larger monitors will begin to show pixilation, even as soon as 28” inches, which can distract from your gaming or streaming experience.  Ultra high-definition enables monitors to increase in size exponentially, allowing for awe-inspiring configurations with extremely large displays.  The LG 24UD58-B is an excellent example of this, boasting a 28” inch display that offers a superior gaming experience to 1080p screens.  Functional and straightforward, this LG 4K monitor is a high-end product very much within reach of an average gamer looking to improve their overall viewing experience, achieving a larger display without any of the pixilation you would see with regular high definition.


4K Games

A number of excellent games already exist in 4K, and the trend is likely to continue in earnest as we make our way into the 2019 release cycle.  Games such as GTA 5, COD: Advanced Warfare, and even Skyrim all support 4K displays, and an UHD monitor will be required to fully appreciate the games coming out in the next several years.  For maximizing these incredible displays, the Asus VP28UQG makes a compelling argument as one of the best, providing a beautiful 28” inch display with a number of other gaming benefits.  This Asus monitor, for example, has dual HDMI connectivity, and provides a 1 ms response time that’s perfect for competitive gamers who need precision and speed. 



As with all technology, there was a time where ultra HD monitors were not affordable or practical for most people.  New technology always comes at a premium, and the first 4K monitors were no exception.  2018, however, has seen a precipitous drop in the price of these computer screens, making the latest in 4K displays surprisingly cheap.  This Sceptre 4K monitor is an excellent example of such affordability.  With an impressive 27” inch display and maximum resolution of 3840x2160, this sleek and stylish monitor will provide the highest quality display at the same price as many of the 1080p monitors similarly sized.


Due to the incredible value of these computer screens, now is a perfect time to purchase a high-end 4K monitor, especially with only a month left in the Christmas season.  These affordable ultra high-definition products make for great gifts, either for others or yourself, and will provide the best available displays for the foreseeable future.  What 4K games are you looking forward to in 2019?  Post in the comments below!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 January 2019 01:09
Written by Eddy D.
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