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5 Reasons to Order the Magic: The Gathering Ultimate Masters Set Before Christmas

5 Reasons to Order the Magic The Gathering Ultimate Masters Set Before Christmas

The latest Masters Set from Wizards includes many of the excellent legacy, modern, and commander cards the community has come to expect from such a release; however, Ultimate Masters comes with some added bonuses.  Due to a number of specific situational occurrences, Ultimate Masters could end up being the most valuable of the specialty sets, if the purchase is timed well.  Here are five reasons why buying a box of Ultimate Masters before the end of the year could be an incredibly lucrative decision. 


Last Masters Set

Wizards has not released a great deal of information about the future of the Masters sets, however they have explicitly declared that Ultimate Masters will be the last of its kind for the foreseeable future.  With this in mind, the designers for this set not only were purposeful in their decision to overload this set with value, but also created a sense of scarcity among collectors.  With an unknown period of time without a Masters set looming ahead, Ultimate Masters will likely be in high demand.




Limited Quantity

The Masters sets are always part of a limited run, both in duration and in actual numbers.  This lack of availability for Ultimate Masters could easily lead to higher overall value, as those who neglected to pre-order the set will find it increasingly more difficult to find unopened boxes.


Below MSRP

Pre-ordering Ultimate Masters, or purchasing it shortly after its release, will grant the buyer an almost instantaneous price increase because of how much lower the price is currently than the expected retail price.  Each pack will be sold in stores for roughly $14 dollars, which puts the value of the entire box at around $335 dollars.  However, you can easily pre-order the set for more than $50 dollars less, and even after the pre-order period will likely be able to get the set below MSRP if purchased quickly enough.


Box Topper Bonus Card

By purchasing a full box, the buyer gets access to what Wizards calls a “box topper,” or a bonus card that has alternative art.  The box topper in each box is random, selected from a pool of 40 cards, but the vast majority of these cards are exceptionally valuable, even without the extended art.  The box topper card, for example, could be Karn Liberated, Liliana of the Veil, Noble Hierarch, or Cavern of Souls, just to name a few.  These cards individually could pay for a large portion of the entire 24 pack set, and provide a huge incentive for purchasing the whole box.


Great Christmas Gift

Magic is an expensive habit, especially when playing eternal formats, so an Ultimate Masters box is a holiday gift guaranteed to be well-received by loved ones who play.  Additionally, there is a certain indescribable joy at opening large numbers of booster packs at the time, very similar in fact to the feeling of opening multiple Christmas presents, and thus a box of magic cards is not only thematically appropriate for the holiday, but also a desired gift for an occasion.


Masters sets have historically proven profitable investments for those who purchase them early, but Ultimate Masters is poised to be exceptional even by those standards.  With a confluence of circumstances swirling around the release of this set, timing seems to be the most important factor, and those willing to take the early risk will likely reap the largest benefits.  Now that almost all the cards are spoiled from the set, post which ones you want the most in the comments below!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 21 November 2018 16:33
Written by Vincent A.
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