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Best Computer Gaming Desks - Game Room Furniture and Ideas Part 1

Game Room Furniture and Ideas Part 1 Gaming Desk

Even with the best equipment, a great deal of the enjoyment we derive from gaming comes from the comfort of the space around us.  As discussed briefly in our ambient lighting article, a properly configured game room can make a tremendous difference in immersion and can significantly reduce physical strain when gaming for long hours.  In this article, we begin a series of related posts that discuss individual game room ideas or furniture options, starting with gaming desks. This article discusses varying types of desks, from the most affordable and simple gaming desks, to the best standing desks. We also discuss how standing desks can improve posture and reduce back pain when gaming for long hours.

Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro

The Atlantic Gaming Desk Pro is brilliant in its simplicity.  Although equipped with features like cup holders and charging stations for devices, the streamlined steel-leg design and carbon fiber top eliminates clutter and allows for appealing sightlines.  The straight-forward construction also allows for a built-in cable management system, an elevated monitor stand, and off-set speakers that enhance the surround sound effect. 

 Origami Foldable Computer Desk

 True to its name, this gaming desk can literally fold upon itself and be re-located or stored with surprising ease.  The Origami Foldable Computer Desk still has a 100 pound weight capacity though, and has a metal mesh flooring to keep your desktop off the floor and situated for better airflow.  If your game room needs to transform from solo-queue to tabletop Tuesdays, this desk allows you to re-arrange and make the most of the space you love. 

ApexDesk AirDesk Sit/Standing Desk

 Hours of gaming can leave even the most hardened of us restless and cramped, but a standing desk can relieve many of these physical strains while increasing blood-flow and overall health.  The ApexDesk AirDesk is one of the best examples of a full-sized gaming desk that quickly transforms into a standing desk height, allowing you to adjust your sit or stand position based entirely on your current physical experience.  The steel frame desk has pneumatic height adjustment, so it does not require additional outlets or cables, and has a large 47x27” workspace. 

Your game room, above all else, is your own, and the desk you require will depend entirely on your idiosyncratic needs.  These desks are some great options, and fantastic places to start, in your quest to customize and optimize your gaming space.  Whether you are looking for an epic folding desk for a man cave, or a more ergonomic standing desk to improve lower back pain, the choices above have you covered. Make sure to check back for our next article on gaming chairs!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 25 July 2018 20:55
Written by Vincent A.
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