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Top Games to Stream on Twitch and YouTube - Keep Audience Engaged

Top Games to Stream on Twitch

If you want to get popular on Twitch, it’s important to stream the games that people want to see. Whether it’s an old favorite of the gaming community, or a new release that’s got everyone talking about it, you should know which games are the most popular for streaming in order to build an engaged audience and fan base. There's an argument to be made that you can also stream less known niche games to get noticed, but this article will focus on the more popular games to engage existing and mainstream audiences.

 League of Legends

Last year League of Legends became the most popular game on all of Twitch, with over 80 million hours of gameplay streamed. The game’s immense and undying popularity guarantees that there will always be people around to watch it. With so many different characters, the experience is almost always unique, which is one of the things that make watching it so much fun.


The enjoyable character roster and solid team-based action of Overwatch make it incredibly fun to watch. It’s a game that oozes personality, so it hasn’t slipped off Twitch’s list of most watched games since its release.


The incredible amount of experiences you can have and things you can see in Minecraft make it a surefire streaming hit. No two streams are ever going to be the same, and your new structures and creations will attract new viewers.


This massive battleground game is fast paced and action packed to keep viewers from losing interest, and additionally has short load times in between games.  If you're looking for themed giveaway items, check out these awesome Fortnite collectibles.  

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of those classic games that will hopefully never die. There are always matches to be found and intense action to be had with this FPS, and the game’s dedicated fan base assures you an engaged audience.

Grand Theft Auto V

The huge open world of GTAV is overflowing with things to do and people to kill. The sheer amount of detail makes watching this game a thrilling experience. There are also tons of mods to keep the game unique and interesting for your viewers.

Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is one of the most in-depth and refined first-person shooters ever, and the huge player base means there’s always matches to be found. The developers are continually supporting it with new content as well, guaranteeing that this will be a source of great streaming content at least until the next Battlefield game comes out.

Dark Souls 3

The Souls games are always fun to watch people play through. While Dark Souls 3 represents the series here, any of the Souls games are a blast to watch. There is just something very satisfying about watching people play through its brutal but very refined monster filled world.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

This last man standing shooter is newly released, and so far extremely popular. The game seems a little more refined than H1Z1 and it has better servers, so there’s no shortage of people playing it and no shortage of people who want to watch.


What are your favorite games to stream? Post in the comments below.


Last Updated on Sunday, 03 February 2019 19:59
Written by Daniel N.
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