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Best YouTube Channels for Game Development & Coding


In today’s world, there are several options for learning a new trade, hobby, or specialty. Thanks to the internet, we now have an endless pool of information available to us. Now, you can log on to any forum, page, or channel and find yourself engulfed with tips, tricks, and tools of the trade. When it comes to game design, there are three YouTube channels known for housing extremely useful information. This article expands on the previous article, Steps To Becoming An Indie Game Developer and will delve further into these learning resources.


Asbjorn Thirslund runs a YouTube channel called Brackeys. Coincidentally, Brackeys is one of the fastest growing collections of tutorials and assets pertaining to free game development. His motto is, “Free quality education for everyone”. Thirslund’s videos can range from basic design, to 3D modeling, and even to coding in C#. His videos are rehearsed before being published to his page. This makes it easier for the viewer to focus on the content, rather than being interrupted by any unforeseen errors.

Additionally, the software used in the tutorials is free and easily available. This makes his channel a very reliable starting point for anyone interested in the aspect of game design. Thirslund publishes around twenty videos a month; meaning there is no lack of content to learn from.

Speed Tutor

Speed Tutor runs a very similar channel to Brackeys; though, as the name suggest, the videos move much faster. That doesn’t stop him from delivering great content. If you have any questions on any topic, chances are he’s already made a video about it. Speed Tutor publishes his posts weekly; so, there’s plenty of time to understand the content, and learn something new. Though the pacing of the videos make them less suited for beginners, each tutorial is packed with an immense amount of value. This channel is a great tool for intermediates and also for experts.


Another of the most recognized developing channels is Quill18Creates. These videos are live streamed, and very detail oriented. He goes through his tutorials and answers viewer questions simultaneously. This option gives the added benefit of letting a beginner see how a professional would solve a problem situation, and what other methods of correction may be used.

These tutorials range from general knowledge to extremely complex concepts. Each video spans to an hour in length. Before starting a project or tutorial, it is suggested to set aside some time to fully focus on the video.

All in all, game development can be one of the most rewarding and exciting things in the world. However, depending on the challenges you’ll hit, it can be mentally taxing, draining you of your energy and drive. So, make sure you’ve got a little pick-me-up like Catalyst Mints ready to push through those times and stay focused.

Last Updated on Monday, 11 September 2017 14:57
Written by Anthony W
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