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Best Party Games to Play With a Group of Friends

super smash bros 64

There are many types of gamers in the world: video game, board game, casual and hardcore players.  With so many different types, it can be hard for content creators to make games that appeal to all of them simultaneously. However, some clever developers have managed to create little gems that bridge the gap, perfectly hitting the sweet spots where they all overlap. These, are those games: the three best that are a blast to play in groups.

 1) Super Smash Bros (N64)

Super Smash Bros first came into the gaming world on January 21, 1999. For many gamers, this one is on the list due to the nostalgia factor. Conveniently, this game is also one of the most fun to play with friends or in a group setting. So much so, that competitive tournaments are still being hosted 18 years after the game’s release.

Players choose from a variety of characters, all of them having been created by Nintendo or one of its second-party development studios (Link, Cpt Falcon, Starfox, etc). From there, they enter an all-out brawl until only one is left standing. What makes everything so exciting is how the game is structured. There are no health bars. Instead, when you’re hit, a percentage for your character builds up. The higher the percentage, the stronger your enemies’ attacks get. The objective is to knock your opponents off a floating platform until they have no revives, and then you’ve won. The game can host up to four players at any given time, meaning that when you’re playing with your friends, you’re truly battling to see which of you is the best of the best. That’s enough to make anyone a little competition crazy. Especially in such a fast-paced fight.

2) Mario Party

Making its debut in 1998, Mario Party is a kind of all-encompassing choice. What does that mean? Well, there are 10 iterations of the main series, aptly named… Mario Party, Mario Party 2, Mario Party 3, etc. However, each of those games has entirely different mini games and challenges that you must beat in order to win. The core gameplay is the same but each one feels like an entirely new experience. The variety and re-playability alone makes these games a no brainer if you’re having any sort of gathering.

Where Mario Party succeeds most, is shown in how their multiplayer modes work. Traditionally, in a multiplayer game, it’s either you and a friend working together (Co-op), or you and a friend playing against each other (Versus). Mario Party manages to include both, at the same time. A handful of the challenges will be structured as 2v2, where you end up working with one of the very people you’re trying to beat. Of course, you want to help them win so that you can win too. But… you don’t want them to win too much. It’s finding that perfect balance that makes for some really interesting game nights, and a lot of friendly betrayal. Form and break alliances, and test the limits of your friendship.

3) Cards Against Humanity

You really want to know who your friends are and how they think? Play this game. It’s your standard card game where the “Card Czar” as they call it, will draw a question card with some blanks to fill in. The other players (anybody that isn’t the Czar) will choose from their hands of 7 answer cards that all have single words or small phrases. The objective is to form a sentence that both makes sense and is funny. Sounds easy, right? Wrong!

Considered one of the most controversial games on the market, and the #1 game on in June 2011, Cards Against Humanity is exactly what is sounds like. You will never hear more politically incorrect, or offensive phrases than you will playing this game. Some results are genuinely funny, while the majority are just downright wrong. However, this is a game that has made its way into millions of homes for the simple fact that it’s devilishly ingenuous.

The game doesn’t demand a high skill level, making for easy game-play at all ages... 17 and up that is. It is definitely one of the best games to play when hanging out with new or existing friends.


Last Updated on Monday, 04 June 2018 01:21
Written by Anthony W
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