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As an energy company that focuses on helping our customers keep interest, drive, motivation, and energy, we understand what it’s like to feel inexplicably tired. We also know how to cope with this, if our Catalyst Energy Mints haven’t already proven that. Rather than despair over suddenly losing interest in your favorite game, either because you’re just tired or have grown bored, consider a few options to allow the brain time to recover its interest. Getting tired of a favorite game can happen for a number of reasons, some of which might include:

  • Simply getting too invested in completing every single objective perfectly or entirely
  • Becoming obsessed with the competitive aspect of the game (common with MMOs)
  • Too much of a good thing

Let’s roll through these one at a time.

 Too Focused on Completing Everything

Whether it’s a single-player RPG or an MMO, becoming hyper-focused on completing every task in the game can rapidly cause exhaustion. Try to remember that not every single quest needs to be completed, and not every corner needs to be explored. When a task starts getting boring – like killing x of monster y – consider doing something else. Maybe crafting, modding, or just playing a different game. Focusing on finishing everything creates a feeling of being either overwhelmed or of being bored; the former is harder to deal with, but can be prevented by focusing instead on exploring a different aspect of the game’s mechanics.

This is especially true of MMORGPs, where multiple options are present for leveling. Grinding levels through squirrel-killing quests isn’t exactly fun, even though the game as a whole may be your favorite mix of mechanics. Get away from it, accept that it’s OK to level a bit slower, and find something new and fun to do.

Too Competitive

While eSports players should probably feel ultra-competitive, casual gamers (or mildly competitive gamers) don’t need that pressure. If gaming isn’t your job, try to pull away from the forums. Getting stuck reading forums to find all the balance issues, the best exploits, or the buffed and reduced power levels of items means that you’ll become fixated on making the “best” character, rather than just making a fun character. If you’re not fighting for prize money, consider that not each character needs to follow a template of being the best – not everyone needs to use the best gun to still be good and still have fun.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Quite simply, try doing something else. Going for a hike can help reinvigorate the brain, playing a different game might help, drawing could help, consuming another type of media – anything except the game you love. Getting some distance will help refresh the brain on what initially attracted it to begin with.

And, of course, if you’re just tired in general, give our nootropic energy mints a shot.

Last Updated on Saturday, 01 July 2017 13:47
Written by Catalyst
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