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Most Popular Lightweight Laptops for Work, Gaming, and Travel

Most Popular Lightweight Laptops for Work Gaming and Travel

There is certainly a convenience in the portability of all laptops, especially when you’re only moving from home to the office and back, but for many in constant transit the sheer weight of modern laptops can seriously impede the benefit provided.  For individuals who are forced to bear the burden of a laptop bag for long periods of time every day, weight of a laptop may be just important as performance specifications when making a purchasing decision.  Here, we’ve compiled the most popular lightweight laptops that are less than 6 pounds and still capable of performing work and gaming tasks. 


Acer Aspire E 15

The Aspire E 15 is a well-reviewed laptop, at an excellent price, that also happens to be great for frequent travel.  As far as performance is concerned, this laptop pushes 2.2GHz processing speed from an Intel Core i3, has 6GB of DDR3 RAM, and utilizes the Intel UHD Graphics 620 processor for display.  The benefits for traveling, however, are more pronounced, as the Aspire E 15 has a 13.5 hour battery life, and weighs only 5.27 pounds, making it an excellent choice for those with long commutes.  Additionally, the Aspire E 15 has a 15.6” inch HD screen, an impressive feature for a laptop as lightweight as it is. 


Scariest and Most Epic Horror Games for Halloween

Scariest and Most Epic Horror Games for Halloween

With Halloween rapidly approaching, many of our minds turn to the weird, horrific, and frightening elements of entertainment once again.  In keeping with these perennial themes of Halloween, this article takes a look at some of the greatest horror-themed games that have been developed over the years.  Combining suspense, discomfort, and elements of the grotesque, these games help us truly live in the spirit of Halloween.


Dead Island

If you’re looking for an immersive, and terrifying, experience, Dead Island is a great place to start.  Although there are many first person zombie shooters, Dead Island offers a number of unique features that deserve recognition well beyond a typical zombie game.  The movement, for example, from extreme isolation that keeps you in a perpetual sense of dread and expectation, to the terrifying masses of monstrosities that you simply cannot stand and fight against, frames your character as prey in a world full of predators.  Additionally, the music and ambient sounds are shrill, sudden and disquieting.  With the lights off and the sound turned up, Dead Island is a horrifying experience perfect for Halloween.


Most Popular and Largest Capacity Portable External Hard Drives

Most Popular and Largest Capacity Portable External Hard Drives

As data, games, and media become more available and of a higher quality, free hard drive space becomes increasingly rare.  This is especially true for those who utilize tablets and laptops, as hard drives are notoriously underwhelming in portable devices.  The solution presents itself in the form of portable external hard drives that have a large capacity, which were prohibitively expensive in the past but are now surprisingly affordable.  The following hard drives are the most popular portable hard drives that provide the largest capacity available on the market, enabling you to bring 1080p movies, games, and your entire music library with you on your travels.


4TB My Passport Drive from Western Digital

Western Digital is known for their exceptional hard drives, and the 4TB My Passport continues that tradition.  This super portal drive not only offers an incredible amount of storage capacity, but also comes with a variety of features, such as password protection and drive encryption, that is specifically relevant to users who perpetually have their hard drive out in public.  The My Passport drive additionally comes with auto backup software from WD, and is compatible with MAC OS X and Windows 7 or later.  With thousands of reviews and overwhelmingly positive ratings the My Passport drive is an excellent choice for a large capacity portable drive.

Most Popular 1080p Webcams for Streaming and YouTube

Most Widely Used 1080p Webcams for Streaming and YouTube

In the current competitive world of streaming and YouTube content creation, high quality webcams are a prerequisite for success.  Viewers are not only more engaged by streamers who have powerful webcams, but also benefit from 1080p recording because of how small the picture-in-picture display is during broadcasting.  Several 1080p webcams exist, but the three discussed below represent the highest rated options and the most widely used by both professional and amateur streamers alike.  Whether you’re broadcasting on Twitch or recording for YouTube, a 1080p webcam can make a measurable difference.


Logitech C615

Even as the least expensive webcam considered, the C615 sacrifices very little to achieve such a reasonable price.  With full HD 1080p video and an 8MP camera, this webcam is capable of capturing exceptionally high-quality content for your stream or YouTube channel without an exorbitant cost.  Additionally, the C615 has a full 360-degree rotation capacity and is compatible with a tripod, so it can be repositioned to accommodate any spatial requirements you may have.  Although this webcam can only achieve 720p Skype video quality, the other functionality provided will prove sufficient for many streamers or YouTubers, making the C615 a great option for those uninterested in the more sophisticated offerings of more expensive hardware.


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