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Top 4 Smart Home Security Technologies For Keeping Your Home Safe in 2019


Top 4 Smart Home Security Technologies For Keeping Your Home Safe in 2019Improvements in technology have innumerable applications for improving quality of life, but few are as important as home security.  In an extremely short period of time, home security systems have evolved from expensive and professionally installed systems to affordable products that homeowners can install themselves.  These products range from individual pieces to complete sets, offering a variety of solutions to your idiosyncratic home security needs.  For protecting your home and monitoring your property, here are the four best smart home security systems currently available.


Samsung SmartThings Home Security Kit

For homeowners feeling overwhelmed by the myriad of products on the market, the Samsung Home Security Kit is a great place to start.  This DIY smart home security bundle comes with the fundamental pieces for protecting your home, including two door and window sensors, a motion detector, and a system hub for easy access and control.  The entirety of the system can also be accessed from any mobile device, and can be programmed to notify the homeowner via text or email of any disturbances.  Additionally, this security kit can be switched over to a monitored system that includes police dispatch and support from ADT.  Although this starter kit does not include cameras, it provides some essential functionality for home security, and is one of the best DIY home security systems for the price. 


The Best 4K Blu-ray Players For 2019, And Why You Should Have One

The Best 4K Blu ray Players For 2019 And Why You Should Have One

With the proliferation of streaming services and on-demand access to various content, much of the physical media that was previously utilized for watching movies and television shows has been rendered obsolete.  Ultra high definition Blu-ray players, however, defy this normal trend, and still provide a number of benefits that even high-quality streaming services like Netflix and Hulu do not.  In this article, we offer a number of compelling reasons to make sure you still have access to a Blu-ray player, and discuss some of the best 4K blu-ray players of 2019.


The Advantages of Blu-ray Disc

Despite the common misconception, Blu-ray offers a number of benefits compared to both streaming and traditional physical media.  First, most people are familiar with how much better Blu-ray is than DVD in terms of both capacity and quality, making Blu-ray superior to DVD as  a format in almost every regard.  Few are aware, however, that 4K Blu-ray players also provide a far more immersive and robust auditory and visual experience than the vast majority of streaming services.  With an extremely large storage allotment, Blu-ray discs require far less compression than would a streaming service, and are thus able to outperform on visual quality.  The same is true for the audio of 4K blu-ray players, which, because it is uncompressed, can allow for 7.1 surround sound and thus allow for an entrancing experience unrivaled by streaming.  This advantage is especially important for viewing films, where the sophistication of the cinematography and depth of the score are crucial to fully appreciating the art.  In addition to better outputs, Blu-ray players also allow for a much larger selection of movies than would any individual streaming services that prioritize new releases and constantly rotate through content; having access to golden age films, or family favorites during the holidays, is an important and specific benefit that physical media has over streaming services.  Further, Blu-ray players are straightforward and simple to use, making them a great alternative to streaming for small children or elderly parents. 


4 Easy Tips to Reduce Stress and Frustration when Traveling to a Convention or Tournament

4 Easy Tips to Reduce Stress and Frustration when Traveling to a Convention or Tournament
Cons and out of town tournaments can be exhilarating and fun, but are frequently exhausting as so many people, events, and situations compete for your attention and emotional energy.  To maximize focus and reduce fatigue, one area where you can reduce stress is the travel elements themselves, which, if problematic or frustrating, can set a poor tone for hours, even days, after the issue has been resolved.  From overpriced hotels to underpacked suitcases, here are four tips to ensure you avoid travel woes that can diminish the enjoyment of MAGFest or the adrenaline rush of a poker tournament before they ever become a problem. 


Trains and Planes

It seems obvious, but in our rush to get on the road, catch our flight, or just get to the hotel as soon as possible, we frequently forget to put into motion some very fundamental parts of our voyage, most notably transportation to and from the hotel, which can have a substantial impact on a number of other aspects of the trip.  If you’re planning on walking from your hotel to the convention center, for example, then you will want to make sure well in advance that there is no inclement weather in the forecast, especially if you’ll be doing cosplay, transporting instruments, or carrying valuable MTG or Yugioh cards that could be destroyed by rain.  If you’re driving from the hotel, or taking public transportation, make sure you’re familiar with the parking and routes, respectively, and know beforehand how much they should cost.  Having these types of issues resolved ahead of time can save a great deal of frustration in the long run, especially when thousands of other people are simultaneously attempting to travel to the same location as you. 


Most Cost Effective Portable Monitors for 2019

Most Cost Effective Portable Monitors for 2019

Whether it’s for work, gaming, or streaming on Twitch or Youtube, many of us utilize two or more monitors at home to multi-task and organize and get the most out of our media experience.  This type of set up presents some obvious difficulties, however, when working out of a local coffee shop, or gaming while on vacation.  Acquiring a portable monitor, either as a primary or secondary monitor to combine with a laptop or tablet, can create a sophisticated display situation away from home, or provide utility when you need to keep your workspace on the move.  To maximize functionality and minimize cost, here are some of the cheapest portable monitors for 2019 that still maintain high standards and quality performance. 


ASUS MB168B Portable Monitor

The ASUS portable monitor is an excellent piece of equipment, and is certainly one of the best affordable monitors that can be easily relocated.  With a respectable 15.6” display, this ultra slim and lightweight monitor is super portable while still maintaining a large and functional screen.  This portable monitor is also extremely easy to set up, relying on a single USB cord for both signal and power.  Despite being an affordable portable monitor, the ASUS monitor is fully capable of full HD displays, and comes with a dual stand/case that easily adjusts from one mode to the other.  With a great three year warranty, this portable monitor comes with the name brand recognition of ASUS, works out of the box, and provides the user with a simple and no hassle experience.  Although slightly more expensive than the other products discussed, with the ASUS monitor the price increase is, for many, worth the additional peace of mind.      


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