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Streaming in 4K on Twitch and YouTube - The Future of Streaming

Ready Streaming in 4K on Twitch and YouTube - The Future of Streaming

4K displays are becoming more and more common. This increase in resolution may have you thinking: What about streaming in 4K? How can you stream on Twitch or YouTube in 4K? Should you stream on Twitch or YouTube in 4K? The answer to these questions will depend on both your goals and your equipment.

To begin with, while 4K displays are becoming more commonplace, they’re still not the standard in many places. This means that if you stream in 4K many of your viewers won’t notice much of a difference. Not only would viewers need a great monitor to get the full effects of your stream, they’d also need to be able to download quite a bit of data. You’d need to be able to upload a massive amount of data on your end as well. These factors make streaming in 4K a bit of challenge. This could be part of the reason that Twitch currently doesn't offer an option to stream in 4K.

Best Adjustable Monitor Desk Mount Arms: Ergonomic Gaming Setup

Best Adjustable Monitor Desk Mount Arms Ergonomic Gaming Setup

So you’ve picked out your favorite curved HD monitor, but your desk is too low or at awkward angle and now you have to sit with poor posture, hunched over. If you spend a lot of time at your computer, whether working or gaming, you will want to purchase a monitor arm. Monitor desk mount arms allow you to move around your monitor, placing it at a variety of heights and angles. If you spend a lot of time looking at a monitor, you want to be sure it is at an angle that won’t stress your back or neck. An adjustable monitor arm allows you to adjust your monitor to your comfort whenever you’d like, making it a device which will make your life a lot less painful, and will help fix poor posture at your desk.

Best Gaming Projectors for an Epic, Vivid, and Huge Display

Ready Best Gaming Projectors for an Epic Vivid and Huge Display

HD curved gaming monitors and TVs are great, but they have size limitations. With a projector, you can make your screen as large as you want and place it in a wide variety of locations. They also take up significantly less space than a physical display. There are definitely reasons to consider buying a projector for your gaming, as projectors have improved tremendously over the years. No longer do you have to deal with a low quality, washed out image from a projector. If you’re considering buying a projector to create an epic and huge display, check out this list of the best gaming projectors below.

Best Retro Gaming Controllers for PC: Playing the Old School Way

Best Retro Gaming Controllers for PC Playing the Old School Way

If you play retro games on your PC, you may want a retro controller to complete the feeling of playing an old school game. Yet which retro controller should you get? There’s tons of retro style gaming controllers out there, from a variety of manufacturers. Which retro controllers give you the best gaming experience at the best cost?

Buffalo iBuffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC

Modeled after the old SNES/Super Famicom controller, Buffalo’s Classic USB gamepad has eight buttons, as well as a turbo and clear button. The eight buttons are four face buttons, the start and select buttons, and the two shoulder buttons. These eight buttons can all be remapped to your liking, so you can use them on Steam, yet the turbo and clear buttons can’t be remapped. The cord is about five and a half feet long, and the buttons are durable and responsive.

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