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How to Stay Focused During Long YouTube and Twitch Streams

Staying Focused During Twitch Streams

If you’re a constant Twitch streamer and often stream for long periods of time, for charity marathons or for any other reason, it’s important to be able to stay focused during your streams. People want to watch someone who performs well at the games they play, so you don’t want your skills leaving you as it gets later into the night. Here are some tips to stay focused during long streaming sessions on Twitch.

Be Sure to Take Breaks

You may not want to stop playing a game, but you’ll really need to at some point. Research has shown that your performance at any tasks begins to degrade about 50 minutes into the task, as that is roughly the limit of our attention spans. There’s really no getting around this one, it’s just a fact of our biology. Taking a quick 10 minute break every hour or so to do something else will help you remain fresh during the stream. You can also try switching back and forth between two games that are sufficiently different enough that they engage different parts of your brain.

Optimize Your Connection: The Best Gaming Routers for Uninterrupted Gameplay

Optimize Your Connection - The Best Gaming Routers

Having a great router is extremely important to maintain a stable home internet network for a consistent and optimized gaming experience. If you game online at all, you’ll want to have a good router to ensure that your connection is stable and powerful. More and more devices in our home can connect to our router and use bandwidth these days, so it is important to have a router capable of keeping up with these demands. Check out this list of the best routers for gaming to make sure your online gaming experience is never interrupted by a poor connection.

Gaming and Exercising: Improving Health and Fitness for Gamers


Gamers know the feelings that come along with extensive time spent in front of screen, ranging on the spectrum from exhilarated to exhausted. After fighting battles or competing in a match for hours on end, we reach the point of wondering whether we should hang up the controller for the night. It can be a tough decision to play that next level, or to turn in for the night and get a good night’s rest. But after popping a revitalizing energy mint, you are ready for more gaming and decide not to stop.

While hours of energized gaming is thrilling and even rewarding, too much time spent in front of the screen brings with it the issue of limited physical activity. Leading a semi-sedentary lifestyle makes it is all the more important for gamers to take the time to incorporate exercise into one’s gaming routine. And it doesn’t have to be a task to exercise! Instead, implementing certain activities can even enhance your gaming skills by keeping your mind - and body - feeling revitalized and youthful.

Here are 3 simple tips to exercise more while keeping up your gaming level:

Top FPS Mice: The Best Gaming Mouse for Precision Aiming & NoScope Headshots

FPS Mouses

Out of every genre of video games, the one that you’ll get the most benefit from with a specialized gaming mouse is first-person shooters. Your success at FPS games is heavily dependent upon your reactions and your aim, so you don’t want a mouse with lag or a sensor that is off. You want something that is going to give you pinpoint accuracy every time. The gaming mice below will help you line up those perfect head shots and responded as quick as lightning.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

The Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is an extremely accurate gaming mouse that excels in every aspect. Not only does the device have a maximum DPI of 12000, but you can also adjust the DPI to 5 different levels. You can also customize the weight of the mouse itself, if you want something less heavy to drag around your desk when shooting. In addition, there’s 11 customizable buttons so you can put your most needed commands quite literally close at hand. The mouse is easy to customize and program, thanks to a very user-friendly GUI. You can even set custom color configurations for the lights.

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