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TriBlend Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt
The latest addition to the Catalyst apparel and gear section has finally arrived! We have the most comfortable t-shirts around. Unlike traditional company t-shirts, we source the highest quality Bella..
$24.99 Based on 15 reviews.
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Ultra Soft Embroidered Beanie Hat
Get the official Catalyst beanie while supplies last! This one of a kind embroidered beanie has the Catalyst Mints logo stitched directly into the front, delivering the highest quality product imagina..
$9.99 Based on 29 reviews.
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HUD Rubber Gaming Sublimation Printed Mouse Pad
This sleek new Catalyst HUD mouse pad features a sublimation printing that won't interfere with optical or laser sensors. Our soft rubber mouse pad offers smooth glide for maximum mouse control while ..
$4.99 Based on 23 reviews.
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Premium Embroidered Snapback Hat
The stylish official Catalyst Mints snapback hat is now available! Our premium snapback style hats are 80% acrylic, 20% wool, featuring a sleek black color with the signature Catalyst green undervisor..
$19.99 Based on 11 reviews.
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