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Catalyst Mints' proprietary formula blends the high-impact energy of B-vitamins, caffeine, and taurine, with the precision focus of Siberian Eleuthero. Grab a tin of Catalyst mints, and get ready to feel the pulse.


Our FDA registered facility formulates, mixes, and presses Catalyst mints right here in the United States. Access the Lab to learn more about how our experts develop Catalyst mints, and get answers to other frequently asked questions.



Elevate your game by joining the elite #CatalystMasterminds. Advance through the ranks and level up your sponsorship account, earning cash and merchandise along the way.



Interested in purchasing a bulk order? Need more information? Have flavor suggestions? The Catalyst staff are always ready to help!

Updates and Deals

Get exclusive clearance to receive the latest discounts, news, and discoveries from the Catalyst facilities.

Welcome to Catalyst Mints! You have been redirected here from NoScope because NoScope glasses has officially closed. The team behind Catalyst Mints is the same team that started NoScope, and we are proud to continue serving the gaming community through this amazing new company.

Replace your chemical-filled energy drinks and powders with Catalyst's healthy and effective alternative. Endorsed by celebrities such as T-Pain, Catalyst Mints will provide the boost you need without crashes, jitters, sugars, or calories. Please explore the Catalyst website, and let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!

The NoScope and Catalyst Team