Catalyst will be switching soon to an Amazon only sales avenue. Because of this, the website will be changed and there will no longer be any sponsorship accounts or checkouts. Now is the last chance to purchase from our website. All of our prices have been insanely discounted. While supplies last. Thank you to everyone for your support over the years!

  • Natural Nootropic Energy Mints
  • Catalyst Mints - QuakeCon 2016
  • Catalyst Mints - Enhanced with Siberian Eleuthero
  • Catalyst Mints - Web Banner
  • Catalyst Mints - Feel the Pulse
  • Catalyst Mints - Web Banner
  • Catalyst Mints - QuakeCon 2016


Catalyst Mints' proprietary formula blends the high-impact energy of B-vitamins, caffeine, and taurine, with the precision focus of Siberian Eleuthero. Grab a tin of Catalyst mints, and get ready to feel the pulse.


Our FDA registered facility formulates, mixes, and presses Catalyst mints right here in the United States. Access the Lab to learn more about how our experts develop Catalyst mints, and get answers to other frequently asked questions.



Elevate your game by joining the elite #CatalystMasterminds. Advance through the ranks and level up your sponsorship account, earning cash and merchandise along the way.



Interested in purchasing a bulk order? Need more information? Have flavor suggestions? The Catalyst staff are always ready to help!

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